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Blue Razz Pre-Workout

Blue Razz Pre-Workout

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Say hello to Rebel's newly released Blue Razz. Discover the ultimate synergy of science and taste!

THE MOST ELITE PRE-WORKOUT ON THE MARKET… You’ve probably heard that on every other product right? Except they all fail to explain why and it's because they can’t. Marketing aside, we simply just have an objectively better & more premium formula than almost all other competitors, period. Take a look at this comparison sheet for a moment:

Yes, we even color coded it for simplicity. As you can tell, there’s no debating which of these products come out on top.

“We’re clinically dosed” - F**k the clinical dosages! We dosed ours based on what you need for optimal performance… Which is more than just your average sedentary person, but that is what most “clinical doses'' are based off of. Just your average person…  Are you just an average person?

Did you know that the RDA for protein intake for an adult is 0.36g/lb of bodyweight? Most of you probably aim for 1g/lb of bodyweight and in doing so achieve better performance, recovery, and a healthier life. Same idea…

It comes down to it being an excuse for companies to save money by just dosing the bare minimum they need in order to satisfy the clinical amounts. As athletes and gym rats - we know we need more than that. Why do you think so many people double scoop their current pre-workout? It’s because they’re wanting more… Resultingly, they spend a lot more money. So, save yourself the headache and grab yourself a truly premium blend to see what all the hype is about. 

Don't let companies fool you with marketing jargon.

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